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Dedicated to modern day moms trying to balance demanding careers with family, love, and life.
Sep 2, 2010 10:06PM

Mourning the Four Letter Word

The first child surely finds a way

to change the way we live our days

mostly for good

though if I could

some things would never go away

In the life of the working mom

nothing quite supplants the f-bomb

it’s used to profess

our level of stress

so we can go home cool and calm

now I mourn the four-letter word

and the fist, and the honk, and the bird

I never knew

I would bid them adieu

‘til the day something shameful occurred

on the day our baby could walk

it turned out he also could talk!

a parrot on cue

he chirped one F – U

and left mommy and daddy in shock

my message to parents out there

someday you will learn not to swear

even habits this deep

you’ll replace with a beep

the day you have your little scare


-- Victoria

0 Comments ~ Posted By CaliChic
posted by JenFly

F*_ing brilliant. Love the poem, so sad and true.

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